The Swing: Day 3

Things are really taking shape now. Two of the figures in the painting are coming together nicely: the lady on the swing, and her lover, hidden below in the garden. Special recognition has to be given to the young twins, Nathan and Jackson, for the time they've put in helping. I was sure they'd be tired of working, but upon completion of every task we gave them, they just asked for me. I only hope they remember how much they contributed to this piece when they're older. Sure their parents helped too and facilitated their participation, but it's still awesome to see how excited they've been through this process.

There's still time to come and watch the sculpture being built. Tomorrow and Wednesday, we'll be working from 9 AM to 4 PM. The opening reception is Thursday at 7 PM. The opening reception is free, as is viewing the sculpture build. We'd love to have more visitors.

Even the young members of the community are lending a hand.Figures are starting to take shape.