Get comfortable.

One of the most important components of our work—besides balloons—is chemistry. The kind that helps put customers at ease at every step of the project. While we excel in our craft, we also take great care in the relationship we build with you. Making sure every question is answered. And every vision fulfilled. Meet the team and see how Airigami works.




Founder and Creative Director LARRY MOSS is full of hot air and visionary ideas. He combines the two with balloons, and twists them into community-building art experiences. With a background in entertainment, applied math, and elementary education, Larry breathes life into STEAM education.


Artistic Director KELLY CHEATLE specializes in elegantly loud design and is a materials and process maven. Her artwork varies in scale by several orders of magnitude, from multi-story massive installations to sculptures small enough to sit comfortably on a penny.



Larry and Kelly’s common interest in collaborative community projects brought the two artists together in Airigami.


Team Players

Many hands make light work. These friendly folks are more of the brains behind the beauty of Airigami.