Balloons can bond people—in so many ways.

Airigami has built a range of inspiring programs around balloons that’s educational and unforgettable. We’ve worked with organizations of many types all around the world. Our displays can interpret important cultural touchstones like famous masterpieces and historic environments that inspire. Balloon sculptures can invigorate curiosity about familiar subjects. Balloons can even serve as the center of powerful team-building exercises.



Bubble Mural™

Designed by the experts at Airigami, this hands-on exhibit engages visitors in a collaborative project that offers maximum impact with minimal mess. Participants work together to construct a 2-D installation made entirely of biodegradable latex balloons.


Team Building

Airigami’s Team Building program is designed to foster cooperation among participants—rather than competition. Activities can take place at our studio or your site. And the best part is, everyone who joins in starts at the same level: square one.



Now on stage: How to Catch a Mouse

While working on his master’s degree in elementary education, Airigami partner Larry Moss created How to Catch a Mouse as a presentation for grade-schoolers. The response to the first performance was so strong, he developed it for larger audiences. The show combines math, science, art and fun. Balloons are used to construct a Rube Goldberg-style mousetrap intended to solve the problem of a mouse on the loose. Student volunteers are invited to participate in building the working machine. It’s a dynamic way to teach kids how machines work and inspire them to eagerly set the trap in motion for themselves. The show is ideal for elementary school assembly programs and children’s museums.


S.T.E.A.M Lab

Activities coming soon!

Even if we have real dinosaur skeletons, nothing matches the magic of having them brought to life with Airigami
— Joe Keiper, Executive Director Virginia Museum of Natural History