Are you looking to attract attention?

Artists Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle have been creating “full-blown” installations that enchant both young and old for over twenty years. Airigami projects like Elastic Park, Airigami Balloon Adventure, Balloon Manor and Fantastic Flying Octopus have been the subject of much local, national and international media attention. Their unique fine art and award-winning illustration work has been showcased around the world.

Give your special event, trade show booth, premiere/opening or publicity campaign a unique, attention-grabbing “twist!”  Airigami can create a sculpture of impressive proportions that will make you and your business stand out, fill your gallery with unusual art, liven up an event with astonishing creations, or teach your own group of budding artists with an immersive team-building experience.

Balloons are not the toys they were when you were a kid – this air-filled art makes a serious impact!  Contact us for creative help in standing out from the crowd.

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