The Swing: Day 4

We had a packed house today. Every volunteer slot was full. That meant we could really crank out foliage and still get a lot of the details done. On top of the volunteers, we had more visitors checking in to see our progress than we've had all week. That was fun.

Knowing we only had a day left, Kelly and I still stayed quite late, along with Ed and Judy. After all the volunteers had left, we worked on finer details and lighting that we simply couldn't do with a large crowd. And of course, as it got later, craziness ensued. 

There's still a bunch more to complete tomorrow, but we're on track to be done on time. I can't wait to see reactions at the opening reception on Thursday.

Ok, maybe our main character is only half the woman she was in Fragonard's day, but she still looks pretty good.Judy has probably been working with us a little too long.It's nice to finally be adding some detail to the sculpture. This is just one layer of ruffles on the dress.Larry was asked to provide a face for a headless man he made earlier in the day.