The Swing: Day 2

Our second day in Phelps was lots of fun. With our balloon count over 3500 so far, the sculpture is really taking shape. Tomorrow will be about finishing the garden. We're looking forward to starting on the more detailed pieces soon.

Today's highlight was Ed Phillips, Executive Director of the Art Center, cooking for everyone that participated in the build. Never before have we done an installation with our own omelette chef on site. We must really be moving up in the world. Now all of you that haven't come out to help know what you're missing. There are still a few slots open over the next few days.

We took a peak at the time photos on the time lapse camera earlier today. It's amazing to watch two days of construction in only 30 seconds. But we'll make the rest of you wait until the end to see the whole build at once.

Faces of the build teamEd the cookcherub faceEnd of day 2