Imagine RIT - Vroom

Imagine RIT is around the corner. For the third year in a row, we're taking part in this fun, family-friendly day of innovation and imagination at the Rochester Institute of Technology. You can find our installation this Saturday (May 4) in the Innovation Center at RIT. But don't come just to see what we're doing. Make sure to set aside enough time to walk around campus to see all of the amazing projects on display. Make sure to check out the official site for the event in order to plan your visit. If you missed last year's project, you should check it out now. The balloon portion of our display is a little smaller this year as the integration with other projects is designed to highlight those projects.  It will still be a large, attention-getting installation. We just want you to notice everything else around it.

Rough sketch showing what's coming at RIT this weekend. We'll have balloon go-karts with real go-karts along with a watery scene.

Note to our regular Rochester First Friday visitors: Since we'll be preparing for Imagine RIT, the studio will not be open this First Friday. We'll see you back at the studio in June.

Find us on campus at RIT