Do dinosaurs eat Oreos?

Larry Moss, Kelly Cheatle, and Acro

The project at VMNH has resulted in a huge amount of attention for us. In fact, the last time we got this much social media attention was a couple months ago when we made our little animated Oreo video. So now I'm wondering if there's a connection between dinosaurs and Oreos. And what would happen if we created a dinosaur out of Oreos? Would we hit Internet gold?

A number of people have written to us over the last few days asking for more dinosaur photos and more detailed photos of some of the work in this build. In answer to that, I'm posting a small set of images from the completed installation. As for more dinosaurs, I want to give a nod to a good friend, Mark Verge. Mark has done quite a bit in the realm of skeletal balloon dinosaurs. In fact, some of his dinosaur sculptures have been misattributed to us, no matter how hard we try to correct that error. Visit the Elastic Park web site to see some of what he's done. You can visit Mark's site to see more of his portfolio. One day we'll do a full Elastic Park installation, and Mark will be there with us.

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