Imagining a really busy weekend

Larry and Kelly on Good Morning America "Tired" only begins to describe the way I'm feeling at the moment. It's been one busy weekend. Planning for our installation at Imagine RIT began a few months ago. And this being the third year of our involvement with that, we went into it with a pretty good idea of what to expect and had our schedule worked out ahead of time. Simple. Two long days in the RIT Innovation Center and then a day to wander around the rest of the festival with the kids.

Then a small wrinkle got thrown into the whole thing. When Good Morning America calls and invites you on, you figure out how to rework your schedule. And we did. We worked until 9 PM on Friday so the RIT installation would be complete and ready for public viewing in the morning, drove to the studio, repacked all of our equipment, reloaded supplies, got home for a few hours of sleep, and hopped on a plane to New York City. Somewhere in the middle of that we hugged and kissed the kids and promised we'd get back ASAP.

Once in NYC, we found time for a nice dinner before studio space was available to create our Cinco de Mayo-themed piece. Work began at 9. We ran back to the hotel once it was complete and managed to sneak in a short nap at 2 am before the car arrived to take us back to the studio at 5. Thankfully, GMA has makeup people on staff that can make it look like you haven't been awake and in motion for three days straight.

Of course, makeup isn't the only thing that can help in a situation like this. Having a couple of good friends, Todd Neufeld and Rose Burkholder, show up to twist balloons with us saved us precious time, as well as made the evening a lot more entertaining.

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