We're moving

The Hungerford has been an amazing home for us for the past six years. We've met some truly amazing artists here, and we'll miss being so near them. We're not moving far. Rochester, NY is still our home. We've just outgrown our Hungerford studio and decided the time was right to move on.

We've grown so much

Our studio in The Hungerford, almost exactly six years ago, before we moved in.

It was three years ago that I wrote about how we had grown so much that we required more space to work. As a result, we doubled our space by taking over the studio next door to us. And it was three years before that when we felt so grown up because Airigami moved from a basement and small office into an art studio surrounded by other artists. I never quite imagined that the next move would also see us doubling our space.

Having a studio space allowed us to move from just doing installations at events to being able to more easily create fine art illustrations and a couple of children's books. The animation work we've done with balloons came as a direct result of having dedicated photography space within the studio. The upcoming move will give us a chance to work at a larger scale when photographing our sculptures. (BTW- any local photographers out there looking for a cyc wall to use, let us know. The new studio will have one.) It will also allow us the workspace we need to keep several projects going at once. In the past, switching active projects meant packing up half the studio and pulling out completely different equipment. Now we'll have the space to keep areas designated to their particular purpose. We'd love to line up a few more commissions to break in the new space, so let us know what you need. We're very excited and are looking forward to showing off our new capabilities (and space) as soon as we can.

Just a small tease

We'll let you know soon where we're moving. Just a few hints for now.

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Last chance to buy from us in The Hungerford

Due to our move, this Friday, May 6 is the last First Friday that we'll be open in the Hungerford, and probably the last First Friday that we'll be open for a little while. It will take some time to move and get settled in our new place. If there is any artwork you want from us, please stop in during regular First Friday hours from 6-9pm this Friday. The online store will still be open, but there may be delays in getting stuff out through the summer.