Celebrating Earth Day

Qualatex globe print balloon. It's Earth Day. That's the day when we're all reminded of the actions we should be taking year round to protect our planet. We've been careful for years with our waste and love the fact that we make a near zero impact on the environment with what we do. Curious how that works? We'd like you to join us in a little experiment. It's citizen science time!

Latex balloons are made from a natural product. The latex comes directly from trees. We shared a video recently showing the production of those balloons. Being a natural product, they breakdown safely just like other natural materials. We've designed a simple experiment that anyone can do to see how the balloons break down. Now, while it is simple, it does take time. The setup is easy, but results won't show up over night. We're looking for people that are willing to stick it out for a few months. Do you have kids that always wait until the day before the science fair to get their project done? Get them started on this now. They'll have amazing results to show when it comes time to write it up. Composting of garden and kitchen scraps is something all of us should be doing anyway, so we're hoping that this is just the thing to get everyone started.

We're not just looking to share the experiment and walk away from it. We want to collect and compare your results. With enough people doing the experiment, we should be able to learn more about how different brands of balloons, different colors, and other variables affect the results. Let's learn from this while we do something positive for our environment.

Download the instructions for the balloon composting  experiment now.

Please share this with your favorite teachers and organizations. If you need a supply of broken balloons, please contact us.