We met our base goal

Kickstarter project of the day.

Really. You should get a good night's sleep tonight knowing that you helped to get a massive community project off the ground. Meeting our base funding goal means that we've raised enough money to cover our insurance and rental for the event. (Oh and all that cool swag our backers will be receiving!)

Obviously there's more to this project than just rent & insurance. There's PVC and other hardware for framing the big castle, heavy-duty kite string for rigging, rope, duct tape, and other consumables that need to be stocked. Every dollar we net above our goal is going to be utilized on this project, and reduces the time we need to spend gathering commercial sponsorship. So please keep up the good work, and share that you funded one of the most unique projects on Kickstarter!

Crew spots still available

There are only a few crew spots left. If you want to be on the crew, make sure to reserve your spot on the crew now by registering through Kickstarter. You can only do that through November 4.