Balloon Manor is going to happen

We're still climbing the Kickstarter beanstalk. We've almost reached our goal. Special thanks to our newest sponsor level backer, The Twist & Shout Balloon Convention, for coming on board to help us. Twist & Shout is the longest running international balloon twisting convention, having started in 2000. This year, it's actually happening in the same place as Balloon Manor. For as long as the convention has been taking place, and for as many years as I've been involved with it (helping it get started, helping produce it in the early years, working as an instructor, supporting it online in connection with, etc), this is the first time it's taking place in Rochester, NY. And T&S coming to Rochester is actually a large part of the reason we're doing this project. 

For years, people have been asking me to run another massive project the size of Balloon Manor. With so many amazing artists coming to town this February, we knew this was the time to do it. I know many of you that have chosen to back this project are already coming to Rochester for T&S. But for those of you that weren't even aware that balloon twisting conventions exist, maybe you can participate on the build crew and stick around a little longer to learn even more. We're going to finish building on February 4. T&S takes place Feb 5-9. 

The other big Kickstarter backer that's joined us is Continental Sales, a wholesale balloon supplier out of Sacramento, CA. Continental has helped us out many times in the past by being able to supply a huge assortment of materials we've needed. We're honored to have them backing The VERY Tall Tale of Jack and the Beanstalk!  They aren't just backing us, but coming to Rochester and participating in Twist & Shout.