The upcoming popping party

Boy Popping Balloons by Robert Frohne It seems so strange to be talking about the end of the 2016 Airigami Balloon Adventure when we haven't even started building yet. Still, being one of the more popular events at the Adventure, we put as much time into planning it as anything else we do during one of our big builds. Every year, we end with a giant popping party. There's popcorn, soda pop, and balloon popping. Five hundred ticketed participants get a chance, just a few at a time, to pop balloons in search of prize coupons hidden inside them. Of course, we've learned that most people just seem to enjoy the event and don't care all that much about what they find.

While the popping party, like the sculpture itself is free and open to attend for all, we do have to limit the number of poppers due to safety and time constraints. When all tickets are sold, that's it for the year. Last year over 1,000 people showed up for the party. Only half of them could take a shot at popping. If you'd like to pop balloons, we encourage you to buy your tickets early.

Why celebrate the popping?

It's part of the natural cycle of a balloon sculpture. No reason to be sad that the sculpture is going away. Celebrate the joy of balloons before it has a chance to look sad and depressing.

What do we get?

In addition to popping fun, there will be prizes including a grand prize Airigami fine art illustration!

How loud are 40,000 balloons popping?

When balloons pop, they certainly make noise. We can't deny that. However, these are balloons that have been inflated for almost two weeks by the time we get around to popping them. That means they don't burst with quite the same force as freshly inflated balloons. It's nothing like attending a rock concert or standing on a train platform. It's more like a very loud and busy playground. Still, some people choose to bring ear plugs or other ear protection.


  • You must be ticketed to pop balloons.
  • A limited number of poppers will be allowed into the sculpture area at a time.
  • Children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult (one ticket per popper, adult does not need to be ticketed if not popping balloons)
  • Only popping tools provided by Airigami may be used to pop balloons.
  • Airigami reserves the right to halt the popping party at any time for safety reasons.
  • Some prize coupons found in balloons will be instant winners. Other coupons will be used in a drawing after popping is completed.
  • You must be present to claim prizes.
  • Airigami is not responsible for the suitability or condition of prize awarded by our prize sponsors.
  • Popping will begin approximately 3:45 PM. Exact time to complete popping is dependent on participants. Late arrivals are not guaranteed a chance to pop.