Rochester Mini Maker Faire 2015

In November 2015, visitors to the Rochester Mini Maker Faire were invited to build a bridge using only latex balloons, with Guidance from Airigami. Makers of all ages contributed to the construction. Over 1000 balloons were used in the structure. We regularly do large builds with crowds watching. But this was a Maker Faire. The people in attendance were makers, not watchers. So we thought it was only right to give them a chance to do the making. In the spirit of the Maker Faire, we put out the materials with our own home-brew balloon inflators and gave everyone a chance to try their hand at building with balloons. We demonstrated everything from basic knot-tying to creating rigid geometric structures. We even had great conversations with other makers about improvements to our Arduino-based inflators.

The Airigami team was led by Kelly Cheatle and Larry Moss, with help from Lisa McIntire, Walter Crum, Richard Hughson, and Tim Henshaw. Hundreds of visitors took part over the course of the day.

Thanks to Derrick Taylor for providing additional photos and video for use in this video.