Celebrating the Erie Canal

We were asked to create a small scene for Visit Rochester's annual meeting. With the theme of the 2015 Balloon Manor being the amazing air-filled undersea adventure (oh, did I just tip something about an event in late February? Oh well, you'll all find out soon enough anyway), and VR's focus on the waterways of the area, how could we ignore the opportunity to experiment with something water-related?

Aside: We hear that the only kind of fish you can make out of balloons is a pufferfish.

Fishing on the Erie Canal



When we were making the sculptures for the meeting, we never expected that any part of them would be seen all over Rochester. Apparently Michael Hardy decided to give good ol' VIC, our fisherman, a tour of Rochester. We only have a photo of Michael "rescuing" VIC from his boat and a photo of him at the George Eastman House, but a few others were spotted on Facebook as he made his way around town.

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