A Wonderland of Balloons


Malls all over the world look for ways to make themselves stand out. After all, no matter where you go, they're full of the same, or at least similar shops. Why would you choose one over another. In Istanbul the competition for shoppers is even greater. Wikipedia lists nearly 100 modern shopping malls just in the city of Istanbul, built mostly in the last few years. When we were there, we were told that the actual list is closer to 200.

We were happy to take on the challenge of making the Palladium Mall in Ata?ehir the chosen destination for shoppers. After five long days, Kelly and I, along with Todd Neufeld, Michael Abrahamson, and a team of fifteen local Istanbul balloon twisters, completed this massive installation. One hundred feet long and five stories high, the work required the use of tens of thousands of balloons.



Thanks to our great crew for making this possible.

Creative Director: Larry Moss
Artistic Director: Kelly Cheatle
Artists: Larry Moss, Kelly Cheatle, Michael Abrahamson, Todd Neufeld
Crew: Pelinsu Çiçek, Selinsu Çiçek, Batuhan Kahveci, Filiz Çiçek, Esin Ecin, Burak Saltan, Musab Çatmakas, Yusuf Güeü, Yakup Aras, Melis Acar, O?uz Sat?r, Burçhan Nathur, Ersin Özbek, Ecen Okay, Selin Pazarli, Sena Ba?lanti, Gülçin Türkoglu, Bü?ra Ba?lanti, Adem Mavin, Yunus Gümü?, Yakup Aras

Special thanks to Ted Isham for composing the music for this build video.