Bra-Dazzle with the Rochester Femfessionals

Femfessionals Rochester put on Bra-Dazzle, an evening of fun to benefit the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester. Thanks to the International Center of Neuroinformatics (ICON) for being the red carpet sponsor of the event and making this size Z bra possible. Close to 1000 balloons were used to make what we think may be the largest bra around, at approximately ten feet wide. Size Z Bra

In addition to the huge bra on display as everyone walked in, there was a runway fashion show with some rather unique bra entries. One of those came from us. Kelly designed the bra that was worn in the show by Shawn Dunwoody. (All bras in the show were modeled by men.)

Temptation - Bra-Dazzle

Renee Veniskey from Immaginé Photography provided a large collection of photos from the fashion show.

View the big bra being constructed below.