Artist Stroll with Young Audiences of Rochester

I've been a teaching artist with Young Audiences of Rochester for a couple of decades, and YA of Western NY for almost as long. I love Young Audiences and all that the various chapters do to place teaching artists in schools. Of course, having organizations dedicated to booking artists only goes so far without funding. So when we were asked to take part in a fundraiser for YA of Rochester, we were more than happy to take part. It was fun to see just how many artists contributed to an amazing evening at the Artist Stroll hosted at Artisan Works. Fly away in this hot air balloon.

My usual appearances under the YA name are on school stages, doing my science show. This was a little different. The people attending this event were just strolling through art and artists and taking in as much as they could through the evening. We created a hot air balloon that all guests could pose inside of for photos.

Thanks to John Wolfson for assisting on the build. Not only does John assist us on some of our larger installations, but he's also the latest entertainer to start performing How to Catch a Mouse, the science show I mentioned earlier.