Balloon Manor in Danger of Deflating

Everyone has been hit hard by the current state of the economy.  Unfortunately, Balloon Manor is also being affected. Even as I received the great news that I'll be installing a sculpture on the White House lawn for a July 4 celebration, I've been reminded that not everything is going as well as it could be. The current funding situation may mean pulling the plug on the the 2009 Balloon Manor. Balloon Manor is not a low-overhead event. Although it depends upon about 300 community volunteers and 40 or so balloon artists from all over the world who pay their own way each year, we still have to cover travel and lodging expenses for the 20 top artists whose creativity is key to making this the world-famous project that it is. In the last few days, as people have told me how much they're looking forward to the Manor, I've had to tell them the bad news. Everyone has asked what they could do to help. Since it seems that many people out there are interested in saving this community event that was intended to be part of Rochester's 175th anniversary, I thought I'd turn to all of you that have been supporting the Manor and following all of the developments over the last few years.

In order to make this happen this year, and to ensure that all ticket money can go to the American Cancer Society as planned, we need to raise $75,000 in sponsorships (including in-kind donations). Please contact me if you can help and please help us spread the word to any businesses or individuals that may be in a position to help this year.

We aren't necessarily looking for cash contributions. Things that would be of great assistance are:

  • Housing for out of town artists.
  • Flights for out of town artists.
  • Meals for approximately 60 crew members.
  • Healthy snacks for 300 volunteers.
  • Printing of brochures and signs for the event.
  • T-shirts for crew members and volunteers.
  • Hardware (aluminum pipe, fencing materials, assorted other non-balloon materials).

Thanks everyone for doing what you can to help us out. If you are inclined to contribute cash to help the cause, be assured that in the event of cancellation, all donations will be passed directly to the American Cancer Society.