Auburn Founders Day

Bald eagle flies over Alaskan scene in Auburn, NY. Totem pole looks over other elements in the Alaskan scene constructed for Auburn Foudners Day.

When describing to a few people what I was doing in Auburn, NY, I repeatedly heard the same questions. "Why are you building an Alaskan scene in New York?" "Shouldn't a celebration of  Alaska be in Alaska?" "Shouldn't the governor of Alaska be in Alaska?"

The city of Auburn, NY just celebrated its first Founders Day in honor of some of its most influential citizens. William Seward, former Senator from New York made his home in Auburn. This year is the fiftieth anniversary of Alaska becoming the 49th state in the US. Seward, as some may recall from American History classes, negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia during his time as Secretary of State. Put that all together, and we end up with an igloo and totem pole in the middle of the city, just off from the parade route. Thanks to Kelly Cheatle and Karyn Dolan for helping to construct the scene. We had a great crowd streaming through all day as we built and had loads of fun watching the kids, and even some adults, crawl into the small balloon igloo we made. I was most fond of the totem pole that overlooked the whole thing.