What’s a Bubble Mural™?

It’s a creative 2-D installation designed to be built by community members using easy to inflate latex balloons! Designed by the experts at Airigami, this hands-on exhibit engages visitors in a communal project with maximum impact and minimal mess.


Why do people love them?

Step-by-step video instructions keep a steady flow of participants engaged. It’s the perfect visual demonstration of how many small efforts can create tremendous results. Participants take ownership of the project, and naturally want to be photographed along side the finished work. Perfect for everything from college orientations to community festivals, trade shows and more!



  • Step-by-step visual instructions are designed for an international audience

  • Self-directed construction with modest staff support

  • Scalable format perfect for short term events (1-5 days) or multi-week exhibits

  • Select from our catalogue of themed murals or request a custom design

  • Project and building process can be modified for level of participant ability

  • Concierge set up and staffing

  • Available as a DIY kit for schools, Maker Faires and non-profits

  • Creates a perfect backdrop for an optional signature sculpture

  • Featuring biodegradable latex balloons

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