What would you like to see under the sea?

What do you see under the sea?

Years ago we learned that there were many people that wanted to take part in building Balloon Manor but were unable to join us. For some it was a problem of distance they'd need to travel. Others couldn't do it because their hands are just too small to hold all of the balloons we work with. Well, not wanting to leave anyone out, we've had drawing contests in the past and invited all of those kids with small hands to help us imagine what Balloon Manor could be. 

Due to the drawing contest's popularity, we're bringing it back. If you're in the sixth grade or younger, we want to know what you want to see under the sea. Use your imagination. Draw sea creatures, real or imaginary, or sunken treasures. Surprise us. If we like your drawing, we may just turn it into a sculpture within Balloon Manor.  (So, officially we said it would be a contest for sixth grade and younger, but, well, we'd love to see what anyone wants to share, and we'll share the best ones, no matter how old the creators are.)

Download the official drawing sheet and send it back to us when you're done. You can scan it and email it, or put it in an envelope with a stamp. Or if you want, post it to our Facebook page, or even drop it off at the studio during an upcoming First Friday. We're not limiting this contest to any geographical area either. Maybe some of you in other areas around the globe can show us things we don't have in the waters around Rochester.

Need help getting started? Here's the first pic we received from Kinsey (Age 7):