Wedding sculptures

Clothing for the wedding couple - and everyone else in attendance It was probably 15 years ago when I made my first Halloween costume entirely out of balloons.  At the time, I was focusing on magic.  I was still using balloons largely to enhance my magic shows and I was starting to explore balloons on their own.  At the time, even though I was experimenting with making fabrics out of balloons, I needed to have a costume underneath the balloons. They formed more of a framework to a costume than a costume itself. It was a harlequin jester. I thought about including that first "costume" pic here, but couldn't quite bring myself to it.

Over the last few years, a number of artists have started making more detailed clothing completely out of balloons. Anyone exploring my web site knows that I've also gotten into that. Working last year with Kelly Cheatle, I created several pieces for a fashion show in Las Vegas (we'll be at that show again next month) and we created a piece out of balloons that was designed by Malon Breton for Fashion Week in NYC. We've reached the point that it's no longer just the esoteric events that are showcasing these balloon fashions.  Twice in the last month, Kelly and I have created tuxedos and wedding dresses for guests at local weddings to enjoy.

These particular pieces haven't been worn by the bride and groom.  Rather, guests have been invited to stand behind them and pose for photos. As soon as I can get some photos with people, I'll get them online. For now, I'm posting what I have since I just couldn't wait any longer to share this piece.