Upcoming classes at Airigami Studio by Todd Neufeld

Todd Neufeld is coming to town on November 5. Please let me know if you intend to come.

Class details:

Saturday, November 5 at Airigami Studio 1115 E Main St, Suite 234 Rochester, NY 14609

$25 for 1 class, $40 for both

1:00-3:00 Inside the Artist's Briefcase

Join Twistin' Todd Neufeld in an information-packed seminar on what successful artists know and do.  Learn how successful performing artists have "handled" the business-side of being an artist so they can enjoy performing and creating.  Topics will include how to: simplify your paperwork, efficiently book gigs, set fair prices, increase your value to your customers, write contracts, protect your business, create a promo package, work with other artists, and more.

3:30-5:30 Twisting For Grownups: The art of entertaining reluctant adults with balloons

Twisting balloons for kids is easy.  Twisting balloons for adults is hard. Join Twistin' Todd Neufeld in a workshop that explores the psychology of entertaining adults with balloons and leaves you with recipes and gambits that you can use to be successful with this audience.

About Todd

Todd Neufeld paid for law school by twisting balloons, and then passed up a lucrative career as a patent attorney to pursue his passion of entertaining and creating with balloons.  Todd wrote the book on contracts for balloon entertainers, and his virtual office manager (Manager Sal) is helping dozens of entertainers automate their business.  Todd spends his days performing at over a hundred events a year, teaching balloons and entrepreneurship, and chasing his tiny daughter all over NYC.  He has appeared on numerous TV shows, including Late Night with David Letterman and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.  Visit Todd online at www.twistedballoon.com/todd.