The return of the LEGO (mini) biggiefig

biggiefigWMSome of you may remember the 20-foot LEGO mini figure we made back in November. That figure certainly received enough attention. It was the blending of two childhood fascinations: squishy, round balloons and hard, rectangular LEGO bricks. From the moment we were asked to do it, we knew this would be fun for us. The crowd took to it too. Of course, as we were doing it, we saw comments on our Facebook page from some of our friends in the US asking why we were only doing something this cool in the UK. Here we are, a few months out, and I'm happy to say that we'll be at Brick Fest Live at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in just a few days. This one will a bit smaller than the Biggiefig we did in London since they asked us not to put a hole in the ceiling of the expo center. But it will still be many times the size of an actual LEGO mini figure. As with many of the events we take part in, you'll be able to watch us build early in the event, and take photos of the completed sculpture by the end of the event. We hope to see many of you there.

Blueberry Pi Day

Those of us in the US celebrated Pi Day last month. We had an opportunity to celebrate with a bunch of teenagers. It was a Pi birthday extravaganza. The original request was actually for a birthday cake. But on Pi Day? Really? All attending the party participated in the design, creation and mathematical computations needed to make this twelve-foot diameter blueberry pie come out just right.

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We do small things too

After Balloon Manor and all of the other massive creations we've made, our sense of scale can be a little skewed. It's nice sometimes to do things a little more down to earth. Here's just one of the smaller-scale pieces we created for a recent bar mitzvah. It's "only" human-sized. So, for those of you wondering, yes, we are still available for non-mega-sized events.