The great folks I get to work with

I get the opportunity to work with some great people all the time. There are a number of balloon artists in Rochester that get together for a variety of reasons, from jamming with balloons to creating fun projects to share with the community. One of these projects is Balloons Around the World. This last October, we created some fun decor - giant cupcakes and presents to celebrate the opening of a new home for The American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge and Hospitality House here in Rochester. Hope Lodge isn't new to Rochester, but they recently moved to the campus of the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. It was fun to be part of their opening.

Hope Lodges around the country provide free housing to those undergoing cancer treatment away from home. What better place to spread happiness with balloons than at a facility where there are people receiving treatment for serious medical conditions. That's where the wonderful people I mentioned earlier come in. A bunch of folks volunteered to make those balloon cupcakes and presents. The ACS in Rochester just gave an award to the group of us. Since my own projects are often quite visible, I also sometimes get credit for balloon projects that aren't entirely mine. Balloons Around the World is one such event. I helped organize it, but it's the other people involved that volunteer their time, skills and creatively contribute in other ways that make the event happen. I want to make sure everyone involved gets their due recognition. Thanks to Tim Henshaw, Amy John, Rose Hasan, Sharon Peck, Sheryl Watts, Roger Ragan, Rich Hughson and Kelly Cheatle for taking part in the project. And thanks to ACS for acknowledging us. I look forward to being part of future joint projects.