"The end" of Balloon Manor

That's right. Over the last decade, we've created six different Balloon Manors. It has seen multiple forms, from a ten-room Halloween haunted mansion to a beanstalk reaching five stories into the sky to an undersea world last year. Tens of thousands of people have visited these projects each year. Since March, people have been asking us what the next Balloon Manor will be. We're sad to say, we've made the hard decision to retire Balloon Manor. At least, for the time being, we're not going to apply that name to new projects. We're not giving up on public art or community projects, and all of Balloon Manor's history will be saved and shared again in the future. It's just time for something new. The name "Balloon Manor" was created when we were building a haunted house. It was a house. The word "manor" was a good descriptor for what we were sculpting. It still worked when we built The Very Tall Tale of Jack and his Beanstalk since there was a castle atop the beanstalk. Last year, we built the Amazing Air-filled Undersea Adventure. We viewed it as a home for all of the sea creatures we created, but even we have to admit, it's a bit of a stretch to call the wrecked ship beneath the sea a "manor".  We've picked a new name that we think will work for many years into the future.

Introducing ...


The first installment of the Airigami Balloon Adventure will be "Journey on the Genesee", presented by The Seneca Park Zoo Society and the YMCA of Greater Rochester.

Rochester, NY's Sibley Building will once again be the site for our massive, family-friendly installation. Building of the sculpture, which is open for public viewing, will take place January 25-28, 2016. The completed sculpture will remain on display through February 7 at 3:30 pm when it will all be brought down during the public popping party.

It is our goal to keep this event open and accessible to all families. For that reason, we do not charge a fee to enter and explore the exhibition. However, there are many expenses that we need to cover to make this happen, from the cost of materials to feeding and housing the crew. If you have the means, please consider supporting the project through our Indiegogo campaign. Any contribution, at any level, helps to keep this artwork available for all to see. We also have a number of sponsor opportunities available at various levels for businesses that wish to take a greater role in supporting this community project. (Please contact us directly for information about sponsorship.)

More information, including how to join the crew and sponsor opportunities, can be found at AirigamiAdventure.com.

Check out what's coming by viewing the video, and when you're done watching, please share: