The Airigami Shop

monatshirt-150x150Since the main focuses of our business are sculpture installations and commissioned illustrations, we sometimes forget to remind people that we do have a shop with books, prints, and an assortment of other related goodies. This came up just a couple of days ago. I received email from someone asking us if I would be willing to sell one of my books directly since this potential buyer couldn't find a source for it.  So, if you're curious about where to get our work, yes, you can buy it directly from the Airigami shop. Everything we sell in the studio is available online. 

We ship anywhere in the world and, just because we've been too lazy to figure out a good system for calculating shipping, we don't charge for US shipping on most items. The international shipping costs our software is adding usually comes out lower than our actual cost, so it's a good deal for you.

Speaking of deals, we're closing out our Masterworks series of shirts. So if you want those, now's the time to get them. There are only a few left. 

If you're in the Rochester area and interested in buying our work from a cool, local, brick and mortar shop, check out Craft Company No. 6. They're carrying a number of our items now, including some of our limited edition canvas and open edition watercolor prints. Their hours are set up for retail, so it's much easier to walk in and buy from them than from us in the studio. 

We'd love to get our stuff into more shops. If you're interested in carrying our work in your store, let us know. We have wholesale pricing available.