Testing the waters

 There's nothing quite like a giant orange octopus...

For the past four years we've created installations to entertain the visitors to SUNY Oswego's Friends & Family weekend. This year we have the ocean on our minds, so we built this overly friendly octopus scene for guests to pose in.



Balloon Manor is Back!

manor-2015-webSpeaking of enchantment under the sea... Mark your calendars now for BALLOON MANOR: the Amazing Air-filled Undersea Adventure. Coming this spring, this 5 story sculpture (check out that concept drawing at left!) will once again grace the Sibley Building in downtown Rochester, NY.  Sponsorship opportunities are available - contact Michael Hardy, our Director of Business Development, at (585) 721-6032 or michaelh@airigami.com for more information.

Come watch the artists sculpt Monday, February 23 through 26 (schedule TBA), then come back February 27 through March 8 to see the finished piece. Finally in the evening of March 8, the magic concludes with our traditional balloon popping party! 

We'll be posting more information as the months progress, but you can find out more information as well as how to join the Balloon Manor crew at www.balloonmanor.com.

I see another orange octopus...

Wondering what's with all of these orange octopi? Back in 2003 Larry and a crew of 23 volunteers built The Fantastic Flying Octopus. The 40' wide octopus flew over Sodus Point, NY. In honor of that project the color orange has just stuck with us, and the color will contrast nicely with the blue of the water.