Summer projects

Keeping up with things over the summer is always a challenge. With the kids at home, we'd rather be spending time with them than working. We end up leaving little notes around about what we've been doing so we remember to write about them when we get a chance. It's that time to try to get caught up on the writing piece. (Of course, if you want to see Airigami projects as they happen rather than wait for us to compile them all on the blog, you can follow us on facebook at or on twitter at

Rochester Pride Parade

airigamisummer15-4As we've done for a number of years, we participated in the Rochester Pride parade last month. One of the things that's made that most fun and exciting is the large number of Pride participants that have taken part the last couple of years, not just in wearing or carrying our creations, but in making their own. Balloons have become a common sighting at Pride parades around the country. Many young parade participants gathered in our studio the morning of the parade to make their own colorful backpacks to wear as they marched. 

airigamisummer15-2 airigamisummer15-3

The Dream Factory

We have, over the last year, become involved with an amazing organization - The Dream Factory. They grant dreams to critically and chronically ill children from the ages of three through eighteen. In just the last few months, we've been involved in a few events with the Rochester chapter. 

One of these events was a reunion for the families of children in the area that have had dreams granted. It was great to welcome people to the event with our own interpretation of a dream factory, based on their logo.


Next up was our chance to participate in a dream. A local teenager was granted a dream of an amazing Quinceañera. We provided a couple of candy-covered thrones for her Candy Land-themed party.

We have our own personal connection to the Dream Factory. Our son Wyatt had a dream granted. He's wanted, for a long time, to have his own cooking show. Thanks to the Dream Factory and Wegmans, he had an opportunity to work with some top chefs, tour the Wegmans bakery and cheese caves, and yes, even teach a cooking class. Highlights from his first cooking show can be seen here:


A few other things

11705702_10153642740256874_9221567191959506845_o8A few smaller projects came our way over the summer. One of them was a giant stork to greet guests at a baby shower and an eight-foot-tall number eight to celebrate the end of the year for eighth graders at Twelve Corners Middle School moving up to high school in the fall.


Support our work

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