Returning from the World Balloon Convention, and Imagine RIT


The World Balloon Convention

There are always people surprised to learn that Kelly and I make our living sculpting with balloons. Even more surprising to many is that we're not the only ones. We're proud of the fact that no one creates the kind of art we do with balloons, but there are a few others out there that create their own incredible art. The largest convention the balloon industry sees every other year (yes, there is a "balloon industry") is the World Balloon Convention. We just came back from Dallas, TX where 900 or so people gathered to show off and learn. That number may seem really huge to some that never considered so many people working with balloons. When you consider that it takes people coming from 47 countries to reach a count of 900, you can see why I say there are a "few others." As always, it was really exciting to see what others are doing out there. I've taught so many years at the convention, it was nice this year to just enjoy and learn from the work of others this year.

Imagine RIT

Last year, Kelly and I led a team that consisted of students at the Rochester Institute of Technology, artists, and assorted community members, in building a massive jungle that was used as a backdrop to an interactive game of sorts. That project received one of only a few ribbons awarded during Imagine RIT. I'm happy to say we're planning another amazing multi-disciplinary installation in the Center for Student Innovation. I'm working with the Innovation and Invention class to create a seascape that integrates cutting edge techno-wizardry. I'm truly excited with the plans the students are working on- be sure to mark your calendars now! Imagine RIT is taking place May 5, 2012. The event is free and open to the public.

We're going to build the sculpture April 30 through May 4. If you're interested in helping with the build, let us know by signing up online. You don't have to know anything about balloons to help. The more hands, the merrier. But it does help if we know ahead of time so we can plan for the number of workers we have.

Visit us for First Friday

Once again, we'll be open for First Friday on April 6, 6-9PM. This is the usual family friendly studio hopping event. A bunch of studios in the Hungerford will be open. This month, we have a special treat. We'll have a guest artist, Jannelle Olmstead from Something Else Studio, who will be showing and selling her purse pockets and other gifts in the Airigami Studio. Her craftsmanship is impeccable, you really need to see them first hand.

Piggy Update

Some of you have been asking us where things stand with The Three Little Pigs. As I mentioned recently, this project turned out to be harder than we anticipated, but we want you to know that we haven't dropped it. It's still the highest priority item on our list and we're still pouring time into it. We're really happy with the way it's coming along. We'll have more to show soon...stay tuned!