Puzzles, Manor Plans, and Animation

I can't believe how busy we've been over the last month. The Manor build starts in barely a week, and the number of items on the to-do list seems to multiply each morning. But with the help of some good friends, like Michael Hardy (Master of Development & Logistics), Richard Hughson (our MacGyver), and Sheryl Watts (HR Goddess) more and more check boxes are being filled in.

Some quick updates before we have to get back to that list!


New in the Airigami gift shop, PUZZLES! "The Girl with a Pearl Earring" 285 piece puzzle is quite challenging, while the 54 piece 3 little pigs puzzle is perfect to do with a little friend. Both puzzles are available in the online Airigami shop, but if you're coming to Balloon Manor- you can pick one up at our "Pop-up" Shop.






Are you coming to Balloon Manor?

You really can't miss this. We've got 50,000+ balloons just waiting to be inflated. This sculpture is going to be five stories tall. FIVE! And we've got people coming in from as far as Japan, Australia, Russia, Singapore and Walla Walla, Washington to help build it. So let us know you're coming by clicking the "going" button on our Facebook event page.


Animated Airigami Logo

1521425_10152281846796874_1996393653_nComposer Ward Hartenstein has, once again, created a masterful soundscape for Balloon Manor. I can't wait to hear it piped through the atrium at the Sibley building. 

Larry and I have been refining our branding for some time now, but one of the things we've both felt was missing from our arsenal was a sound logo. Thankfully we "know a guy." Ward created a short, bouncy, friendly sound, and the second we heard it, we knew it had to be animated. (Sorry, not with oreos this time ;-) )

Sitting down to design a moving logo to match the tune- both Larry and I had the same image in our heads of how it should animate. We differed only in deciding which direction the spiral should unroll from. (I forget who won.) So with a little effort figuring out Apple Motion, here's what we came up with:


 See you at Balloon Manor!