Pop Art in New Orleans

I always look forward to the World Balloon Convention. It's a chance  to see what others are doing with the medium I love so much. When we were asked to create something to help build excitement over the event,  we went all out and created this piece. 


We've done some stop motion work before that we've shared here. This is the first time we've combined balloons with a human actor in one of our animations. Thanks to Antoinette Ena Johnson for her patience as a model. Hundreds of photos ended up being used in the 30-second piece. That's a lot of very small movements and discipline in holding each one so we could capture what we needed. And thanks to Qualatex Balloons for giving us a chance to make this video.

While no animation classes are being taught at the World Balloon Convention, there's plenty to learn there about the various techniques we used in the construction of pieces for this video, from the twisting techniques used in weaving a balloon dress to the decor techniques used to construct the backdrop that appears toward the end. I hope to see many of you there!