PMA Blur cash register

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that Kelly and I were building a cash register for the PMA Blur conference. I'm happy to say it was a huge success. The Promotion Marketing Association presents the Reggie Awards each year at this annual conference. The Reggies are given for promotional campaigns that were successful at the cash register. As far as I know, our register was the largest representation of the Reggie to date.  At ten feet tall, it was big enough for everyone at the conference to take turns posing for photos inside it. Thanks to all of the folks at PMA for the invitation to attend and install our piece, and a huge thank you to Donna Declemente for introducing us to the organization.

Pepsi Refresh Update

We appreciate all the support everyone gave in our effort to win a Pepsi Refresh grant. Looking at our web stats, our YouTube stats and just talking to so many of you, we're truly convinced that we had more unique votes from individuals than almost all of the other projects. With 13,000 people viewing our video so far, we know we got attention and quite a bit of interest. According to the rules Pepsi established, we'd be automatically re-entered in the voting for the month of April, but we simply refuse to stretch this out any longer. We want to say "Thank you" to Pepsi for the opportunity.  We think it's great that they're offering money and supporting many worthwhile projects. However, it's time for us to step aside and not annoy our supporters any longer with requests to vote.  There are much more productive things all of us can do with our time at this point and the last thing we want to do is harass people that are trying to help us out. Thanks for all of the votes.  We'll go back to more traditional means of fundraising and will make sure that Elastic Park happens some day.