Pig tails and other twisted stories

We've been hard at work on our wee pig tail, and he puffed - the story of a hairy encounter between three little pigs and a wolf. There's still a lot more work, and we're not ready to unveil much, but we did feel it was time to show one of the new images. You'll see here that two of our heros are contemplating their future. We'll leave it to you to imagine what's on their minds.

This week in the studio

If you're a balloon artist looking to learn new stuff, don't forget we have classes this Thursday, September 1, with Ken Stillman in the studio. Ken is visiting from California and teaching some unique twisting techniques along with his own style of decorating. Learn more about the class and register on Ken's site. If you have further questions that can't be answered on Ken's web site, feel free to contact us. We'll do our best to answer questions.

This coming Friday, September 2, is the first Friday of the month. Since it's also the start of a holiday weekend, the studio will not be open. Other studios in the Hungerford will be open, so if you planned on stopping in, there's still plenty to see. Sorry if you planned on visiting us. We'll be open for October First Friday.