Photo booth fun

We've created interactive photographic scenes both in the studio and for clients. Sometimes these are set up for people to use the cameras in their pockets to they can take selfies. Other times, we've had professional photographers snap pics of everyone that wished to take part.

Airigami gingerbread houseIMG_3504


This past First Friday we tried something new. We built our own photo booth, left a pile of balloon props in it, and let people play. This first time out was just a test to help work out the kinks. The idea was popular enough, and there are enough fun pics from the evening that we plan to do it some more in the future, and maybe offer it at events we take part in down the road. We'll keep you posted if we decide to do any of that. Of course, having a photo booth doesn't mean we'll stop doing any of the other stuff we've done in the past. We still plan on doing some large displays set up for all of you with cell phone cameras, and working with Renée from Immaginé Photography. This will just give us one more option for upcoming events.

The Airigami photo booth debuted during August First Friday.