patreon_logoWe love to create. It's what we do. We love it so much that we would do it for free, but lets face it- creating joy and goodwill unfortunately does not pay electric bills, or grow businesses. (Dang it!) We're not the first artists to experience this, nor are we the only ones. Thankfully there's a new site called Patreon that makes it easier for you to support the artists you enjoy.

While the bulk of our income comes from installations and private corporate work, we still want to be able to share new pieces with you and develop new techniques. By becoming a Patreon of ours, you'll get more behind the scenes footage, early access to popping party tickets, discounts and even the chance to influence what we work on next! (Sorry no tote bags, but you probably have enough of those from when you sponsor your local PBS station.)

Unlike Kickstarter where it's a push for a single project, this is a monthly crowdsourced "tip" to support the creation of new artwork. Just imagine, if we had a dollar for every time someone shared one of our images...

Please, check us out on Patreon.

As always- THANK YOU for your continued support!