Octopi Rochester


That's right. This is the week that we're octopying RIT. As mentioned last month, we're doing another installation for RIT's Innovation and Creativity Festival, Imagine RIT. We're building Monday, April 30 through Friday, May 4, in order to complete our project in time for the start of the festival at 10 AM on May 5. Of course, octopi aren't all you'll see if you come to the festival. We're throwing in other sea creatures just for the halibut.

After last month's post, a couple dozen people signed up as volunteers. There's always room for more help too. If you have time and you happen to be in Rochester, feel free to drop in to the Center for Student Innovation at RIT. We'd love to have more hands helping out. It's easy to take part. Don't have time to work with us for long, but still want to contribute? No problem. We're going to have balloons set up just for making fish. You can come by, grab a couple fish balloons, decorate them at your leisure to make a really cool creature. It can resemble a real fish or be a species we've never seen before. We'll hang up what you bring us to turn the Center into a giant aquAIRium.

As with many of our projects, we'll have a couple live webcams so you can see the project develop.

Book signing

On May 5, from 1:00-2:00 PM, during Imagine RIT, Kelly and I will be signing copies of Artist Eyes at ShopOne2. ShopOne2 is RIT's gallery gift shop in the Global Village section of campus. It's conveniently located right near the Innovation Center. If you're on campus, make sure to check out the books and other stuff in the shop.

May First Friday

First Friday is happening at the Hungerford as it does very month. However, due to the work we're doing at Imagine RIT, we won't be in the studio Friday evening, May 4. In order to have the exhibit completed for Saturday, we'll be working late Friday night. We'd love for you to visit all of our friends at the Hungerford, but if you're looking for us, please come to RIT.

Other non-Airigami Art?

Our household is full of art. When we're not doing the work you usually see from us, we're off experimenting with other media. I only got into photography in order to shoot balloons, but as the Airigami fine art prints started to take off, I found myself developing a greater interest in what I could do with a camera. (A huge thanks to Pat St. Clair for teaching me and always being willing to help when I needed it.) It was no longer just about balloons. I started looking for challenging things to photograph. That's when I discovered Chrysta Rae's photo scavenger hunt on Google+. I was just looking to learn more about my camera. Much to my surprise I took second place in the "lace" category in the March hunt. That doesn't mean we're changing the direction of Airigami any time soon. My focus is still on the creations I sculpt with balloons. But it sure has been fun shooting other stuff from time to time. I'm taking part in the scavenger hunt again this month.

Upcoming events in the Airigami Studio

Two master classes for balloon artists, clowns and other variety entertainers are scheduled for this summer.
August 7, 6-8PM - Stretch presents G.O.T. Class on the Road.
August 22, 6-9PM - Smarty and Dena present business and show building for family entertainers.