This year, we made an encore appearance on the SUNY Oswego campus to create a mad scientist's lab in celebration of Halloween. One of our younger visitors, a boy named Christopher stood mesmerized for at least 45 minutes watching us build, and kept returning every few minutes after that to see how much progress we had made throughout the day. Upon seeing the completed project, he let out a yell, "It's like I was watching Frankenstein and then everything got hit with a balloon ray!!" We hope you're all just as excited as Christopher as you watch the time lapse construction.



Kelly stands inside the laboratory.



Alyse and Makayla


Thanks to the SUNY Oswego students that formed our build crew:

Naomi Castillo-Iugo, Chris Craddock, Isaac Hardy, Nadelyn Pichardo, Ali Al-Salameh, Susan Sincerbox