Making lists and plans...

1452280_10151975438448186_1467038416_n Planning the logistics of a 50,000 balloon build is no simple task. Along with managing volunteer crew signups, and officially writing up the scope of this project, one of the first items on our list is to figure out the plans for  main structures in the installation.

Unlike smaller builds that involve one or two people besides Larry and I, we need to be able to provide direction for over 50 people at once!  I get excited just looking at our blueprints and imagining the sculpture covered with details that the blueprints don't capture.

Our Kickstarter backers have already been sent surveys. Once they report in, we will find out if there are any remaining openings on the volunteer crew. These positions will be posted here on the blog and on our Facebook page first (are you a fan?). So if you missed your opportunity to back us on Kickstarter, there is still a chance you can join us for the build.