Kickstarting a new project

Following the success of our show at the Arts and Cultural Council of Greater Rochester, we want to take the images from our Once Upon a Time series to the next level. We’ve started a Kickstarter project to help us get the funding we need. kickstarter 300x35 Home Please help us get the project funded through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. It’s powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands. That means, you can offer support, ask for cool stuff from us, and there’s no risk to you or us. If we get funded, we get to take our project further and you’ll get something really awesome from us.

An enormous amount of time has already gone into the production of the initial ten images. Sadly, we've found that we need to eat and pay rent in order to continue our work. Our hope is that we can continue to focus on this project without the distractions of taking other paying work at the same time.

Additionally, there is the direct cost of materials. Each element of each scene tends to be created multiple times in the process of making it just right. Thousands of balloons will be used in the making of this book.

Lastly, the one place we fall short in the equipment we have on hand is lighting for out photography. We have been able to rig things up so far to achieve a minimally useful lighting set up, but improved gear will greatly speed up our work.

How this all works

The idea behind Kickstarter isn't asking people to throw cash at us. We've put together a list of rewards, in Kickstarter lingo, that will be created as part of the project. These include things like signed copies of the book, large prints of the artwork in the book, and even your own fairy tale sculpture for one of your parties. Visit the site, pick the reward you'd like, and make your pledge of support. You can pledge as little as a dollar. We're offering rewards starting at $10. If we get enough pledges to fund the project so that we're able to complete it, your credit card will be charged and we'll send you the item you asked for. If there isn't enough interest in our project, you keep your money, and we're not stuck trying to do a project with less funding than we need to make it work. It's a win-win situation. Of course, this is a crowdsourced funding effort. If you like what you see and want to make sure we create the item you're interested in, we need your help in spreading the word. Please share the link to Once Upon a Time on Kickstarter.

What we need

  • Pledge $1 - You can certainly pledge more. We'll produce artwork that you'll love to share with everyone you know. But no amount is too small. We just appreciate the $1 contribution to say you enjoy what we do.
  • Share the link to the project: Tweet it.  Facebook it. We'd love your help in sharing what we do.