Invitation to the White House

This small White House was created for my upcoming book, Balloon Engineer, due out soon. Instructions for creating the White House and other famous buildings and Wonders of the World will be included in the book. I thought about naming this something like, "Blowing up the White House" or "White House Anticipates More Inflation", but I thought either of those might result in my invitation being revoked. July 4 is around the corner, and with it lots of Independence Day celebrations. I got a call from Todd Neufeld from the Twisted Balloon Company that the White House was looking for us ("us", in this case, also includes Buster Balloon and a few other artists) to do a patriotic sculpture installation for their July 4 event on the White House lawn. President Obama, White House staff and military veterans, along with their families, will be at the event. It will be an honor to be there. We're not certain yet what the sculpture will be, but with an incredible team, this should be a great piece. We're currently looking at the usual symbols of American Patriotism: bald eagle, US flag, and statue of liberty.

After delivering the news a few days ago about Balloon Manor, it's nice to be able to think about positive stuff.