Imagine RIT and Kickstarter


Mason, the third little pig

This coming Friday is, once again, the first Friday of the month. I always look forward to seeing our regular visitors. This month, however, we won't be in the studio for the big Hungerford First Friday event. We'll be at RIT, working with a very varied crew of balloon artists, RIT students and RIT staff (I'll post details on the crew that shows up after the event) on the project I wrote about a few weeks ago. If you're in the area and want to help or just visit, you're welcome to join us. Just stop by the Center for Student Innovation and say "Hi" any time you're available during the week. We'll be photographing it, but feel free to bring your own camera and enjoy the building process.

Imagine RIT

Of course, we're far from the only thing going on at Imagine RIT. You can see what else is going on and plan an itinerary for the main event on May 7 by visiting the Imagine RIT web site.  You can find us on the RIT site under the title Fly Like Superman Through Balloonatic Landscapes. There are so many innovative ideas being shown off for all ages that there's a social media project going on called, Rise Above the Crowd that will allow you to get updates on the happenings around campus and to even supply your own photos and reports through your smart phone. The idea is that the most popular projects will "rise above" the others. We'd love for all of you to add us to your itineraries on the main site and to post info about us through the Rise Above app.

If you need help finding us when you get to campus, you can use the online campus maps to find the Center for Student Innovation.

First Friday at the Hungerford

Now, as I mentioned, Imagine RIT is actually on Saturday. That means that even though we'll be busy, you can still visit all of our friends in the Hungerford Building on Friday. We're sorry we won't be there, but hopefully all of you that stop by to see us at RIT on Saturday can tell us what we missed the night before.

Once Upon a Time on Kickstarter

The funding period for our kickstarter project ends in just a few days. We're over 60% funded. Please help us out by spreading the word. As mentioned before, our goal is to create the coolest illustrated book ever by doing all of our illustrations with balloons. The Three Little Pigs has never been told quite the way we want to tell it. We need your help to make that happen. We are incredibly grateful to those of you that have pledged money toward the project, and we're looking forward to sending you the artwork rewards we've promised. Please share the link to the project so that others can also enjoy it. We're close enough to our goal, we don't want to miss this opportunity. Thanks!