Here we go again - Elastic Park, Round 2

Mark Verge's Spinosaurus Last month I sent out a note asking everyone to vote online so that Elastic Park could receive a Pepsi Refresh grant. Thanks so much to all of you that helped.  It almost worked.  We were pretty high up in the ranks for a while and ended in 22nd place. Out of 204 entries, that's not too shabby. And we were high enough that our entry was automatically resubmitted for March. We were close enough, I know we can make the top ten this month to get this show on the road. I have to admit, I was ready to let the whole thing drop just a few hours ago when I learned we didn't win in February.  But the huge number of votes so far today has already pushed us into the top ten.

The Pepsi voting site is set up to allow (encourage?) people to vote for their ten favorite projects on a daily basis. That means we need as many people as possible to vote every day. A number of people asked last month for daily reminders to go vote. We've set up a  mailing list for people that want that daily reminder. I will not send a reminder to my regular mailing list since I don't want to annoy everyone.  If you want to vote for Elastic Park and would like a daily reminder, please write to me directly or visit the sign-up page. If, and only if, you sign up for it, you'll get a reminder once a day that it's time to vote.  We'll keep you informed on where we're standing and any interesting dino updates we can give you.

A special thanks to the Pioneer Balloon Company and Glue Dots for their support in getting this thing going. If there are any other businesses that would like to jump in and help us out, we'd greatly appreciate the support.

Vote for Elastic Park right now.

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Other recent stuff

I just returned last week from the annual balloon twisting convention, Twist & Shout.  This year it took place in Chicago and WGN was on site.  I got to talk a bit on the air about Elastic Park, but there was a much more amusing television moment than that.  Eleven entertainers woke up early in the morning to climb inside of balloons for the camera. Ten did it successfully.  Watch the clip and see for yourself the craziness in a hotel full of balloon artists, clowns, and magicians. (This isn't actually the clip from WGN but from another camera that was running at the same time.)


Go to the WGN site and look for "Balloon Convention" to see the clip that aired.