Halloween dinosaurs

Acrocanthrosaurus Balloon dinosaurs seem to be a recurring theme. After all, it was more than  two years ago that we built a realistic recreation of an Acrocanthosaurus at the Virginia Museum of Natural History that got so much attention online. It was the 2007 edition of Balloon Manor that featured a whole series of authentic-looking balloon dinosaur skeletons designed by Mark Verge. And, digging through some of my old photos, I just found a not-so-realistic dinosaur that I made in 2001 that got me started on what I thought at the time was large scale sculpture.

Todd Neufeld, a regular Airigami collaborator, called us, along with John Reid and other NYC artists, to help make balloon dinosaurs for a job he was doing with the Balloon Saloon in NYC. We jumped at the opportunity to make dinosaurs with a slightly different twist. Designed to be much more playful than realistic, these dinosaurs were dressed for a Halloween party.

Vampire dinosaurT-rex wall Halloween balloon triceratops by John Reid Halloween balloon Stegosaurus by John Reid Balloon dinosaur long hall Trick-or-treat balloon dinosaur witch