Got a question about balloons?

We all have our favorite social media networks. I've recently started playing with Quora. Unlike Facebook, which is about pushing out whatever information each user feels like sharing, Quora is based on asking and answering questions. My reason for bringing it up here is that I've found it to be an easy venue to answer balloon-related questions that are not specifically about Airigami. I always try, as time permits, to answer whatever questions anyone asks via email, but doing it on Quora means that the answer can be viewed by more than one person. And, unlike Facebook, which also allows more than one person to read the answer, Quora is designed to make it easy to search for answers to common questions. That means that once a question is answered, the answer isn't lost simply because it's too far back in someone's stream. Feel free to follow me on Quora.

Some recent questions I've answered: Earth is running out of helium, should we be concerned?  How does visual art create a sense of community?  What are the best balloons for making balloon animals?