First Friday done a little differently

February First Friday is only a couple days away. As usual for the first Friday of the month, we'll be hanging out in the studio from 6 to 9 PM. It's always fun to talk to all of our guests about recent and upcoming projects. 

From "And He Puffed", our version of the "Three Little Pigs", created as a Kickstarter Project a couple years ago.

The really exciting First Friday news is our plan for March 6. With a five story sculpture on display only a couple minutes down the road from the studio, we decided it would be much more fun to throw a big party around it than to do our usual First Friday in the same old space that we're always in. Many of you remember the movie series Back to the Future. ln the 1985 movie, Marty McFly went back 30 years to 1955, where he got to see his parents dancing at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. Later he went forward 30 years to 2015. Well, here we are in 2015. We don't have a time machine to help us get to 1955, but we will have an amazing, air-filled, undersea sculpture. So, from 6 until 9 PM on March 6, we'll be at the Sibley Building, playing 1950's music and rocking around the Sibley clock. This will, like all First Friday events, be free to attend. Further details will follow later.

We've continued to dream about the hover board from the movie. We're hoping to demonstrate one on First Friday. After all, we do work with balloons. It shouldn't be that hard to make one.