Exposure for unique art

A few years ago I learned of the Society of Unique Artists. This group exists for the purpose of promoting art and artists that don't fit into the mainstream categories that we typical file art into. SUA just awarded their 2012 Unique Art Awards. All of the finalists were rather extraordinary. Among the winners, I have to say that the pumpkin carving of Ray Villafane stands out most in my mind right now. (That may just be helped somewhat by the fact that I've started decorating the front lawn for Halloween and I've been thinking about pumpkins.) Anyway, I'm honored to be one of the recipients of an award this year. It amuses me to no end that SUA had categories for their awards. I mean, look, they're giving awards to people that don't fit in boxes, and they're, um, putting them in boxes. My award was in the category of Unique Unusual Art, which strikes me as their box for people that don't fit in the SUA's other boxes. Now that's unique!


Balloons Around the World 2012

For the last 13 years, balloon artists from across the globe have come together on the first Wednesday in October to celebrate the medium we love to use and share it with the world. The artists in each city decide what to create for the public- everything from sculptures and balloon figures to hand out to large balloon displays. We worked with other artists here in Rochester, NY at The Strong National Museum of Play. This was an opportunity for Kelly and I to collaborate with nine area artists, and allow all of us the chance to play with new ideas and experiment with different techniques.

The Rochester crew consisted of Larry Moss, Kelly Cheatle, Amy John, Bruce Ruark, Mary Ann Jakubowicz, Nancy Goethel, Richard Hughson, Rose Hasan and Cheri Downie.

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ARTWalk is an outdoor museum located in Rochester's Neighborhood of the Arts. It's an urban art trail joining various art venues in the city. Some time ago, they put out a call for art to be used on permanent sidewalk tiles for a new extension to the walk. Our daughter, Chloe, jumped at the opportunity to submit a drawing. Chloe is eight years old. Her drawing was selected among the many submitted by more experienced/older artists. We're really proud of her. (One of Kelly's drawings was also selected, but that seems rather insignificant next to Chloe's achievement.)

Chloe Cheatle's ARTWalk tile

Chloe cleaning her tile

Beginning Balloon Dog Instructions

While Chloe is off creating art, her sister, Morgan (9 years old) has decided to start teaching it. We just came across some basic balloon dog instructions she jotted down in her notebook. Many of you have been following our work for a while and might appreciate the insight into how we create our art.

Morgan teaches balloon twisting

How to Make a Balloon Dog [From Morgan's notebook]

Do you know how to make a balloon dog? First, blow up a balloon and tie the end of the balloon and twist it two or more times. Then go to the middle and bed and twist to or more times. Last, but not least, for a little further and do the same thing. That is how you make a balloon dog.

With instructions like that, maybe I should encourage her to do a full book of instructions.

Catch me if you can.

Blatant commercialism

With the holiday season approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to offer a holiday friendly notecard. Catch me if you can was the image we created last year as the Etsy video greeting card. Now it's available as a more traditional card in our online shop.

If you enjoy our creations and want to share the fun with friends and family this holiday, we also have many books, kits, prints & other fun gifts available for sale in the studio or online: