Elastic Park returns

ElasticParkLogoBalloon dinosaurs are back! Ever since Balloon Manor: Elastic Park, we've had requests to do big dinosaurs. A few years ago, we had designs for a massive Elastic Park display, but timing was bad and funding fell through. Rest assured, balloon dinosaurs have not gone extinct like their non-inflated brethren. They've simply been in a dormant state waiting for the right time. And that time is now.

We just booked a dino display gig at the Virginia Museum of Natural History. We'll be there April 19-21, 2013 working on a massive display. Kelly and I will both be there. Our crew will include Marsha Gallagher, TJ Michael, and Phil and Dee Cosmos. If you're in the Martinsville, VA area, come visit us. There will be opportunities for local volunteers to help. We'll keep you posted as we get closer so you know how you can participate.

Balloon acrocanthosaurus concept sketch